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Editing Packages

Writing a book takes imagination, focus, and most importantly, dedication. The pages hold more than words, they are part of your heart.

If you are ready to take the next steps with your manuscript, whether it is preparing a query letter, book proposal, or editing help, let's do this together.  I believe in you!

Line Edit/Copyedit

($0.02 per word)

Using the complete manuscript, I will comment on specific sentences and paragraphs to improve readability, avoid telling, address point of view issues, remove redundancies and inconsistencies, and reading level suggestions (for children’s books). I will also correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, usage, and duplicate words.

Developmental Edit

($0.04 per word) ($30 minimum)

This can be done with a partial or complete manuscript. I will recommend chapter titles, moving paragraphs, enhancing the flow and plot lines, voice assessment. (This does not include line editing or copyediting).

Full Edit

($0.05 per word)

This edit will include two passes, one for the developmental edit and the second for line editing. There is a $30 minimum for picture book edits.

Query Letter Review


Query letter format provided, proofread and mark up query.

Manuscript Review

($250 for fiction, $300 for non-fiction, $100 for picture book )

If you are not ready for an edit on the manuscript and would like feedback, I will review the manuscript and then prepare an edit letter for you detailing strengths of the manuscript and areas that might need a little attention. 

Book Proposals


Book Proposal format provided, 30 minute Zoom call to discuss, proofread and mark up.

Pitch Coaching


If you need help writing that perfect pitch for your manuscript or screenplay, I will send you a pitch worksheet to prepare before our hour Zoom call, where we will work on your pitch until it's perfect.

A little bit more about my editing experience:


As an attorney for almost thirty years, drafting is my specialty. I have found that attention to detail brings a written work to its fullest potential. Being an author with five published books, I have learned the ins-and-outs of the publishing industry, especially pertaining to book proposals and manuscript revisions. Selling my middle-grade series RUBY STARR has given me additional expertise in preparing a book proposal. I am here to aid you in your journey, whether that be developmental editing or crafting a pitch. I feel so blessed to be able to work with other authors and be witness to their talent and success. I hope to get to know you, and I can’t wait to read your work! 


I look forward to reading your book and working with you. To get started or to ask questions about my editing services, email me below!

Thanks for submitting!

I will provide a complimentary edit on three double-spaced pages.

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